Hello, my name is Sara! I’m a Vedic Astrologer

I became interested in Vedic Astrology at a very young age through my father, David Hawthorne (Jyotish Bhanu & Jyotish Acharya) who began studying Astrology long before I was born. I can remember him telling me when I was going through particularly rough periods of time, exactly when things would get better and he was always right!

After receiving a degree in Theatre Arts from the University of Iowa and a short three year stint as an actress in Los Angeles, I discovered performing was not my purpose in life, but rather Vedic Astrology.

Over the years, I have studied the connection between the transit of planets and the events in my own life. I have also learned the importance of doing the planetary remedies for my own chart, for smoother sailing in life.

On September 23rd 2016 I was conferred the honorary title of Jyotish Saraswati by SIHA (Systems’ Institute of Hindu Astrology) and by Professor V.K. Choudhry of Gurgaon, India

I look forward to continuing my lifelong educational journey of the Systems’ Approach to Vedic Astrology and providing those who seek this knowledge the best service I can.

Part of being an astrologer + life coach is helping my clients make healthy decisions in their lives. This doesn’t just stop at not smoking or remembering to exercise. Self care comes in all forms from what to eat to what to wear. Many of these decisions have a greater impact than just in our own lives. They can affect the lives or those around us and even the health of our planet.

I am not a fan of shaming of any kind whether it be body shaming, food shaming, financial shaming, or fashion shaming. We are all in this life together, trying to navigate the rough waters to find happiness and comfort. My hope is that through my astrological + life coaching advice I can help people make the healthiest decisions for themselves as well as for the planet.

Together, we can do this through the least amount of suffering and the most amount of enjoyment!

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