Monthly Yagya Participation


It is said that life is not a bed of roses. It is true for most human beings. We suddenly find some challenges in life when our life had been going smooth. These sudden developments can be in the form of professional problems, illness, problems in relationships, conflicts, accidents, etc.

Inordinate delay in manifestation of various events in life, denials, serious setbacks of health, serious financial setbacks, litigation and persistent problems are caused by exact or very close unfavorable planetary influences caused by Rahu, Ketu or the most malefic planet in one’s birth chart. These serious afflictions are caused by the functional malefic planets and are the results of our past deeds / karma.

The impact of severe afflictions manifest as sudden setbacks in life. This incident cannot be fully removed. With the help of special propitiatory remedies the impact of sudden mishaps can be mitigated or the chances of sudden mishaps can be reduced.

Those desirous of doing penance for one’s past actions can do 1) continuous special propitiatory remedies for the afflicting planets 2) Wear a Kavach to strengthen benefic planets

For those desirous of continued happiness and to reduce the chances of mishaps, we organize participation in a special monthly propitiatory service consisting of a yagya, charities for the cows, dogs, crows, poor children and people in distress. This Yagya program performed by Vedic Pandits, is for a group of people and every month. Every month the Yagya program is for seven to ten days for different planetary deities besides the daily yagya.