Muhurta (Auspicious Time)


A muhurta can be assigned for starting a business, getting married, buying a home, or any other big decision in your life. A muhurta is essentially a chart that is nearly perfect with no afflictions and minimum weakness to planets, signs, and houses. 

The very rationale behind the astrological remedial measures is to 1) mitigate the negative influences occurring because of planetary afflictions or 2) strengthen the weak functional benefic planets in the horoscope. The strengthening of weak planets indicates good or desired results when it is initiated in an auspiciously elected time.  

Maharishi Parashara stressed the importance of remedial measures and their effectiveness in three ways:

  1. The planets can be worshipped through prayers, charities, devotion, etc.
  2. The devotion has to be in a dedicated manner with complete faith.
  3. Initiation has to be on an auspicious day and in an auspicious time on the advice of a proficient astrologer. 

Why an auspicious time?  We are performing remedial measures to benefit certain deficiencies and to mitigate the unfavorable influences.  When the propitiatory remedial measures are started at an auspicious time, one may be able to perform these continuously without any problem. 

If the use of a gemstone or Kavach for strengthening of the planets is suggested at a time when the operating planet in muhurata/auspicious elected time chart is weak, such a gemstone or Kavach will not be in a position to bless the native with the desired strength. 

If a Kavach is purchased you will receive 1 free auspicious time to put on the Kavach. After that, each Muhurta has a change of $40.